How the SKAO is benefitting society

Enabled by cutting-edge technology and with its global reach, the SKA Observatory promises to have a major impact on society, in science and beyond.

The SKAO’s member states firmly believe in the potential for scientific discovery to contribute to advances in technology and innovation, and to deliver a broader benefit for industry and society. As such, they have made impact on society core to the mission of the observatory since its inception. 

Beyond its significant contribution to academic research, the SKAO will impact four core areas: the economy, society, sustainability and culture. Amongst other themes, its vision calls for it to help educate the next generation and strengthen STEM fields; to ensure innovations developed for the SKA project deliver impact and benefit society; to minimise its impact on the environment, and to work so that the history and culture of Indigenous communities at the telescope sites are acknowledged, understood and protected.

By delivering on this ambitious vision, the SKAO has an unprecedented opportunity to be the global research infrastructure with the broadest overall impact of any currently in planning or implementation. 

Explore below to learn the impacts of the observatory on different areas of society. In collaboration with our partners, we are also developing case studies that showcase the impact of the SKAO in its member countries and beyond, whether that is on the economy, on society, on culture or other areas that contribute to addressing societal challenges identified in the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. Check back soon to read them!