The Cosmology Science Working Group addresses the history of our universe at redshifts of ~0.5 to ~6.

Cosmology Working Group Introduction

The SKA will enable pioneering cosmological surveys, probing immense volumes of the Universe which to date have been unexplored at radio wavelengths. This will be done by observing emission in both radio continuum and the 21 cm spectral line of neutral hydrogen (HI). The position in the radio sky of million of galaxies, and intensity maps made by their collective HI emission, trace the large-scale structure of the Universe, which can reveal the form and growth of dark matter structures over time. Light travelling from distant galaxies is bent by the intervening dark matter, thus creating small shape distortions (weak gravitational lensing) that can be measured to detect this otherwise invisible component. These surveys will enhance our understanding of various aspects of cosmic history, including the faint imprints of the primordial period of inflation, the early stages of galaxy formation, as well as the nature of gravity, dark energy and dark matter which determine the growth of late time large-scale structure.

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Cosmology Working Group Documentation

The presentations from the Science Assessment Workshop can be found here.

The Cosmology presentations from the 2014 SKA Science Meeting can be found here.

The Cosmology banner is here.

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  • “Extragalactic water masers, geometric estimation of H0 and characterization of dark energy” Greenhill
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  • “Sunyaev-Zeldovich effects, free-free emission, and imprints on the cosmic microwave background” Burigana et al.
  • “Searching for intergalacic shocks with the Square Kilometre Array” Keshet et al.

Working Group Membership

Members of the the Cosmology Working group can be found here

Please contact the co-chairs if you are interested in joining the group. 

The current co-chairs are:

Membership details can be found here

Previous Chairs

  • Laura Wolz 2017-2021
  • Richard Battye 2017-2019
  • Mario Santos 2015-2017
  • Xuelei Chen 2015-2017
  • Roy Maartens 2013-2015
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