Meet members of Team SKA

Team SKA isn't just the Observatory, it's the people around the world in different institutions making the project possible: scientists, engineers, policymakers, outreach specialists and more.

The SKA project is a huge international endeavour which can only be realised with the skills of a diverse, multidisciplinary team: experts in a wide range of fields involved in designing, building, and operating the world’s largest radio telescope arrays. In the interviews below we meet a handful of them working at the SKAO and in our partner organisations around the world, in order the highlight and celebrate the diversity that makes our project possible.

Bringing together people with unique experiences, different viewpoints and diverse backgrounds strengthens our team, encouraging us to challenge existing thinking and find innovative solutions. By focusing on a few of their stories we aim to break down stereotypes about working in the science and engineering world, and show that there is a place for everyone in this exciting sector. Explore their stories below, and prepare to be inspired!

Make sure you check out this page regularly, as we will continuously add profiles and stories of the members of the SKAO family from around the world.