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Contact covers the broad range of SKA-related activities taking place around the world, from science breakthroughs and technology innovations, to construction milestones, policy developments and outreach efforts.

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The cover of the 12th edition of Contact, the SKAO's magazine, featuring images from traditional dances in both Australia and South Africa, with an image of the Pleiades constellation seen from the southern hemisphere in between.

This special issue of the SKAO's magazine celebrates a historic moment: the start of construction at the SKA telescope sites in Australia and South Africa in December 2022. Read about the intense logistical planning behind the ceremonies, the pivotal role of local communities, and much more, including news from the SKA pathfinder telescopes, events, and more...

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Contact is produced by SKAO’s Communications team.

Editor: William Garnier

Managing Editor: Cassandra Cavallaro

Editorial team: Mathieu Isidro, Matthew Taylor, Anim van Wyk

Staff writers: Liz Williams, Letebele Jones

Design: Joe Diamond, based on an original design by Carbon Creative.

All images in Contact are courtesy of the SKAO unless otherwise indicated. See our terms of use here

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We are eager to showcase the breadth of activities taking place across the SKAO world, and as such welcome contributions to Contact! If you would like to contribute, please first submit your idea to the editorial team for discussion at Once your idea has been accepted, you will be provided with submission instructions. The editorial team reserves the right to edit submissions, in consultation with the authors.

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