SKA science working groups

The SKA science working groups (SWGs) have developed and evolved to provide a conduit for interaction with the astronomical community. They are now intended to cover all science areas that will be addressed with the SKA telescopes. Inevitably there is some level of overlap between the groups, and their titles are unable to capture all the science areas that the groups cover. Please see individual pages for full details of what science is covered by each group.

Minutes from the Chairs meetings and further details about membership can also be found below.

SWG Monthly Updates


Updates include slides and minutes from the SWG Chairs meetings and can be found here


All SWGs are open to new self-nominations from prospective members who satisfy the criterion of being accredited researchers in a relevant field of astrophysics and we actively encourage new membership.

Prospective members DO NOT have to be resident in an SKAO Member country.

The SWGs are intended to provide suitably complete coverage of scientific expertise and suitably broad representation of our current (and prospective) member communities.

SWGs consist of two tiers of membership:
1. Core members: Members who are actively contributing to ongoing analysis, with regular participation in meetings and telecons.
2. Associate members: Members who are part of the working group, but who may not have the time or resources to make significant contributions on a regular basis.

Membership of a working group is subject to approval by the working group chairs or where escalated/applicable, the SKAO Science Director.

Full Terms of Reference can be found here

If you wish to join a particular SWG, please contact the SWG chair(s) directly, or a member of the SKAO science team.