Our Galaxy

This is the listing of the Galactic (note the capital ‘G’) science working group, addressing science within the Milky Way.

Our Galaxy Working Group Introduction

The main scientific aim of the Our Galaxy SWG is to uncover the ecology of baryons and understand the cycle of matter between the different components of our Galaxy (the Milky Way), from star formation in the densest regions of the InterStellar Medium (ISM) to the replenishment of the ISM with matter and energy released in the last phases of stellar evolution. Many details of this interplay can only be unveiled by using different radio diagnostics that are not limited by dust obscuration. This will allow us to use Our Galaxy as a resolved template to understand how galaxies work. The SKA has the potential to make a tremendous impact on many key areas in Galactic Physics thanks to its transformative ability in wide-area, sensitive high angular resolution spectroscopy and its unparalleled astrometric measurements in line and continuum.

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Working Group Membership

Members of the the Our Galaxy Working group can be found here.

We actively encourage interested researchers to participate in the working group.

Please contact the co-chairs if you are interested in joining the group, with a brief description of your area of research.

The current co-chairs are:

Guidelines on who can join the group can be found here.

The SKAO Project Scientist liaison is Tyler Bourke (contact details here).

Our Galaxy Working Group Documentation

Download the Our Galaxy banner here

The Our Galaxy chapters from "Advancing Astrophysics with the SKA" (2015) can be found here

Previous Chairs

  • Adriano Ingallinera (2020-2024)
  • Jan Forbrich (2020-2024)
  • Grazia Umana (2017-2019)
  • Erik Rosolowsky (2017-2018)
  • Mark Thompson (2014-2017)
Last modified on 08 May 2024