This is the listing of the Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) science working group. VLBI will be performed using SKA1-LOW and SKA1-MID.

VLBI Working Group Introduction

A technical description of SKA-VLBI (including the interfaces between the SKA1 telescopes and the VLBI terminal), a description of science performance and a compilation of VLBI Science Use Cases for SKA can be found here

In October 2019 an SKA-VLBI workshop was held at SKA HQ, at Jodrell Bank. Presentations from the workshop, relevant deliverables from the JUMPING JIVE project etc. can be obtained on the associated web pages.

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Working Group Membership

Members of the the VLBI Science Working group can be found here.

We actively encourage interested researchers to participate in the working group.

Please contact the co-chairs if you are interested in joining the group, with a brief description of your area of research.

The current co-chairs are:

Guidelines on who can join the group can be found here.

The SKAO Project Scientist liaison is Philippa Hartley (contact details here).

VLBI Working Group Documentation

Download the VLBI Banner here

The VLBI chapters from "Advancing Astrophysics with the SKA" (2015) can be found here

Previous Chairs

  • Cormac Reynolds (2015-2023)
  • Zsolt Paragi (2015-2017)
Last modified on 05 February 2024