This working group addresses transient phenomena and the time variable unknown.

Transients Science Working Group Introduction

The SKA Science Working Group on The Transient Universe aims to explore what variable and one-off astrophysical signals can teach us about topics ranging from stellar evolution and relativistic astrophysics to cosmology. Transient radio signals point to the sites of the most extreme phenomena in our Universe: e.g. supernovae, merging neutron stars, and the ultra-relativistic jets from accreting black holes. They give us unique insight into fundamental physics and through propagation effects in the radio signal they allow us to probe the intervening ionized and magnetized material that would otherwise be invisible to us.

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Working Group Membership

Members of the the Transients Science Working group can be found here

We actively encourage interested researchers to participate in the working group.

Please contact the co-chairs if you are interested in joining the group, with a brief description of your area of research.

The current co-chairs are:

Guidelines on who can join the group can be found here

The SKAO Project Scientist liaison is Harry Qiu.

    Transients Science Working Group Documentation

    The presentations from the Science Assessment Workshop can be found here

    The Transient presentations from the 2014 SKA Science Meeting can be found here

    The Transients banner is here

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    Previous Chairs

    • Michael Rupen (2015-2020)
    • Jean-Pierre Macquart (RIP) (2015-2017)
    • Rob Fender (2013-2015)
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